The team at Delisi Communications has decades of involvement with all branches and levels of government in Texas, and also has extensive experience in communications, public relations, grassroots advocacy, and coalition building. Members of the staff have served as appointed executive officials, chiefs of staff, campaign managers, general counsels, public relations consultants, speechwriters, legislative parliamentarians, and policy analysts.
Delisi Communications has extensive experience representing
public and private entities of all sizes, including Fortune 15 companies, education policy stakeholders, transportation and infrastructure interests, major hospital systems, long-term care providers, technology companies, and numerous statewide associations and coalitions. In the Texas Legislature, Delisi Communications has productive relationships with members of both the House and Senate, and with members of both political parties. We also have deep connections to the Office of the Governor and relevant state agencies.
Address: 1210 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701

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