Relationships and expertise are the cornerstones of good government relations. Delisi Communications has productive, bipartisan relationships with key members of the Legislature and executive leadership in Texas.

We pride ourselves not just on our relationships in and around the Texas capitol, but also the relationships that we have forged with our current and former clients. Because multiple members of the Delisi Communications team are typically assisting each client, we are able to cover more ground and provide a broader base of experience for our clients. At the same time, we ensure that every client of Delisi Communications receives individualized attention and up-to-the-minute communication.

The team at Delisi Communications also knows that the most effective way of communicating with a political audience is to be honest and consistent, to be equipped with reliable data and facts, and to frame each issue in a way that will most appeal to the target audience. The message should be delivered in

personal meetings, supplemented as needed by brief written materials designed to reinforce the message delivered in the meetings. It is important to be mindful of choosing the best messenger to communicate each client’s message to a given audience, whether a lobbyist, an employee of the client, a subject matter expert, or a third party stakeholder. It is also critical to begin the process of building strategic relationships and educating the target audience as early as possible. The biggest challenge in executing this strategy is finding time in a busy legislator’s schedule, and competing with the thousands of other issues vying for the legislator’s attention. Delisi Communications succeeds because of our extensive capitol relationships and our experience in effective lobbying and communication.

Strategically, our goal at the capitol is to frame a client’s priorities in a manner that compliments the Texas Legislature’s priorities. During the legislative session, Delisi Communications is on the ground daily at the Texas capitol implementing the legislative game plan and reporting back to each client on a real-time basis. We coordinate with legislative allies, manage relationships with members, and ensure that the client’s goals are advanced in big and small ways, and for both the short term and long term.

Some of our ongoing work for each client includes:

  • Assisting with making the appropriate personal connections with legislators, capitol staff, and relevant agency leadership;
  • Participating in stakeholder meetings;
  • Monitoring agency rulemaking;
  • Working with the client to develop policy priorities and transforming those policies into legislative action items;
  • Identifying legislators that will champion the client’s legislative goals;
  • Developing a legislative game plan that can adapt to a political landscape that is sure to change during the course of our representation;
  • Working on a broad education effort directed at rank-and-file legislators and executive officials, to tell our client’s story.

In summary, each client of our firm can expect
a collaborative relationship with Delisi Communications, with a focus
on transparency and accountability. Armed with our knowledge of policy and politics in Texas, we work collaboratively with each client to develop strategies and initiatives that will advance their legislative goals. Delisi Communications works hard for each client every day, because we understand that there are multiple opportunities and methods to advance our clients’ legislative priorities during a legislative
session and beyond.

Goverment Relations

Goverment Relations

Relationships and expertise are the cornerstones of good government relations. Delisi Communications excels at both.
Policy Development

Policy Development

To achieve any policy driven objective, you need a team with experience developing policy from the ground up. Delisi Communications has decades of experience helping clients.
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