To achieve any policy driven objective, you need a team with experience developing policy from the ground up. Delisi Communications has decades of experience helping public and private entities develop government policies to help maintain a level playing field among competitors, grow a business or sector, remove burdensome regulations, or facilitate good corporate citizenry.

Our firm offers consulting for every step of the policy development process, from as early as researching and identifying policy deficiencies that can serve as the basis for new policy, to the dissemination, consultation, and ultimately lobbying government to make policy changes. We specialize in finding innovative and creative solutions for our clients’ needs, as well as searching for new opportunities that further each client’s policy objectives.

Delisi Communications excels at utilizing our broad depth of relationships and our client’s expertise to bridge the gap between the policy objectives of government and the real world implications of those policies. Working directly with state agencies, statewide leadership, lawmakers, and other stakeholders in the Texas government, Delisi Communications helps its clients develop a comprehensive government relations strategy including creating objectives, determining obstacles and producing a roadmap for success.

The team at Delisi Communications is fortunate to have direct experience working on a broad range of public policy issues in Texas, and brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise regarding the policy landscape in Texas. Our team members have individually served at the highest levels of Texas government and politics, in roles as diverse as chief executive officer, executive commissioner, chief of staff, general counsel, communications director, legislative committee director, policy analyst, and campaign director.

This broad background of work experience has provided the Delisi Communications team with significant hands on experience in an incredibly wide range of substantive public policy areas, including healthcare, public education, transportation, infrastructure, technology, environmental regulation, water, energy, insurance, pensions, local government, economic development, taxes, non-profit organizations, public information,

and state procurement.

Underlying our experience in every substantive policy area is an exceptional understanding of the Texas budget process. Many clients need not only a statutory or regulatory policy solution, but also access to state funds to help implement that vision. Our team members have served as legislative staff writing the Appropriations Act and as lobbyists monitoring and reviewing the state budget while successfully suggesting amendments on behalf of clients. This knowledge of the appropriations process gives our clients a complete package of support for their policy goals.

Goverment Relations

Goverment Relations

Relationships and expertise are the cornerstones of good government relations. Delisi Communications excels at both.
Policy Development

Policy Development

To achieve any policy driven objective, you need a team with experience developing policy from the ground up. Delisi Communications has decades of experience helping clients.
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